Junior iOS developer skills

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So far, we have talked about a lot of general information regarding iOS development. But what are the specific skills you need to get a junior iOS developer job? Hopefully, today’s post answers this question.


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  1. Swift
  2. Working with Xcode
  3. Using Cocoa Touch(Foundation + UIKit): UICollectionView, UITableView, UIScrollView and so on
  4. Auto Layout
  5. Implementing basic design patterns(MVC, Delegation…)
  6. Solid experience with main iOS frameworks(Core Data, AVKit, Core Animation, etc.)
  7. Key-value coding(KVO, Notifications)
  8. Threading and concurrency
  9. Networking(REST API, JSON)
  10. Basics of UI & Unit testing
  11. Debugging in Xcode
  12. Clean code principles
  13. Push notifications
  14. Publishing to the App Store
  15. Git


  1. SwiftUI
  2. Working with Xcode Instruments(Timer Profiler, Leaks)
  3. Understanding of CI/CD
  4. MVVM, VIPER, and more advanced design patterns
  5. Some experience with popular 3rd party frameworks(Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, etc.)

Good to know:

  1. ARKit
  2. CoreML
  3. C++
  4. Objective-C

Few tips:

  • If you have no experience working in a commercial environment, try applying for an entry-level role first
  • Before applying to a Junior iOS developer job, make a portfolio and publish your app in the App Store
  • Prepare for the technical interview
  • Always take into account whether a company is a good fit for you, avoid settling for less
  • During your first job, prioritize learning, not money

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