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As an iOS developer, you may have to become acquainted with not only Xcode, Swift, and a variety of frameworks, but also with some other skills. In today’s post, I listed the must-have ones.


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image-right iOS developers do not always design apps by themselves. However, they have to know the basics of User Interface & User Experience.

I recommend you to read Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. It’s also great if you get familiar with graphics editors like Figma.

CS Knowledge

As I previously stated before, you need to learn some CS concepts to be a competent iOS developer, starting from simple data structures and algorithms, ending with more practical knowledge like system design.

No need to be scared: you don’t have to be a CS guru to start making apps. As you progress, you will eventually bump into these topics and deal with them easily ;)


Git is a version-control system, that is necessary for every project, so you should understand how to use it.

Almost all developers are signed up in GitHub(or GitLab, BitBucket, etc), which is a website where people collaborate, host their projects, and find cool frameworks, so you should join too!


image-left Developers should always be ready to acquire new skills and tools because the IT industry is constantly growing. There may be other knowledge that you will need to gain, but as long as you are willing to learn new things - you are good to go.

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